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Frank Ocean – Ready

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

I downloaded “Lonny Breaux”, the leaked 64 demos from Frank Ocean and haven’t stopped listening to this track ever since…I’m not sure why I just love it!!

Elzhi’s – Elmatic

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

I honestly didn’t know much bout this guy but over the past few days alot of people of been talking about this mixtape over at Twitter, mainly Coxhead. So I made it my duty to download it and see what is was saying!

Defiantly no regrets downloading this, a really strong mixtape with some really strong material. Highlights so far are It Ain’t Hard To Tell, Life’s a Bitch and Memory Lane, pure hip hop vibes!

You can download it over at XXL magazine!

Elzhi - Elmatic

Frank Ocean – Nostalgia/Ultra

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Frank OceanThis mixtape is dope…a bit of a late discovery here but this mixtape is RnB fire. Can’t lie I don’t really know much about Frank Ocean all I know is this is some of the best RnB I have heard from a free mixtape in a long time.

You can download it over here

Did some quick Wikipedia work and brief story here is that Frank Ocean is a singer with a hip hop collection called “Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, often abbreviated OFWGKTA or Odd Future“, so this just appears to be a side project

The Weeknd

Monday, March 21st, 2011

I know very little about what/who The Weeknd are/is? All I know is they have dropped one of the best mixtapes of the year. I believe “They” are a Canadian RnB group/artist who have been all over the blog world today, after dropping the mixtape over the weekend.

Their sound is a little experimental, their isn’t very much structure to what they do in that a song doesn’t follow the natural verse, chorus, verse, chorus structure….It’s very So Far Gone/Drake sounding. Canada does seem to be producing some really good RnB talent!!

Below is a track from the mixtaped titled “House of Ballons”…. You can get the whole mixtape here…Enjoy!

Bluey Robinson – Mix/Mash Tape

Monday, December 20th, 2010

I recently did my 2011 predictions, last year I predicted big things for Bluey Robinson. This didn’t materialise but he has been working away so maybe 2011 might be his year…it wants to be. Anyway today he released his first mix/mash tape to the world.

I can safely say its as good as I expected it to be, 10 tracks of fire! Look out for Get Money (Sampling Junior Mafia/Sylvia Striplin), Use Somebody/Club Can’t Handle me (the later I can’t stand the original but Bluey flips it), Live version of Rock With You and the soul bouncy I Need a Dollar. These are my four highlights but the seven other tracks are worth your time – grab it below!

Download here….

Bluey Robinson

Jay Electronica – Victory

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Came across this the other day via Facebook of all places! A Jay Electronica mixtape consisting of a selection of some of his tracks!

Recently signed to Jay-z’s Rocnation, I first heard Exhibit C earlier this year and was instantly hooked. After hearing that I haven’t really heard alot of his other material so this is a nice introduction! Refreshing to hearing some decent Hip Hop!

You can download Victory here

Daniel de Bourg – The Prelude (mixtape)

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

If you follow this blog you will know I’m a big fan of Daniel even before he appeared on X-Factor 2007 so when I saw a mixtape was in the pipeline I obviously got excited anyway it dropped earlier this evening! Consisting mainly of cover’s from his Youtube project which I have posted about before – with a couple of exclusives thrown in for good measure!

Daniel De Bourg - The Prelude

Some solid covers on his check our All I Want is Here, Let the Sunshine, Fall For Your Type, Made For Me (big track) but everything is solid on this! Take a listen/download after the jump!


Miguel – Mischief (Mixtape)

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Miguel the guy behind the smash hit “All I want is you” featuring J.Cole has dropped an 8 track mixtape…on first listen it sounds sick highlights so far are Dig, All Night Long and Ohh Ahh!


You can download it here

The Week for Mixtapes

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

This week has been the week for mixtapes so far I’ve copped two of top quality and with Kano’s dropping tomorrow this should take the sum to three and the best thing is they have all dropped for FREE

TY – Something Big Vol 1

Ty - Something Special

Mixed by DJ Bounce, TY drops a mixtape showcasing old and new material sound very special indeed you can get this on Bounce’s blog

p.s. Ty’s album Special Kind of Fool drops April 19th. Emotions is out now on Itunes go buy that!


Darren B – Delays, Setbacks & Drama (Mixtape)

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

You will find this guy appearing as a feature artist on few U.K artists albums Sway, Wretch 32 also I am sure I have heard some of his Solo stuff before but can’t remember for the life of me the title of the track(I will find out think it was Shorty Got it Bad/Stand By Me, back in the day when DJB rocked 1xtra). He is also on the LG adverts that are around at the moment!

Anyway courtesy of twitter earlier I was informed that Darren B has dropped a mixtape today and I am four tracks in and it’s sounding hot…

You can download it here – Enjoy!

Darren B

x3 Tracks after the jump