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Lazy Music Fans

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Jazmine SullivanAbout a year ago I had a rant about RnB being washed it’s that time again. What brought this post on is that I am currently four tracks into Jazmine Sullivan’s album “Love Me Back” and I’m getting frustrated because I know in the U.K this album will not see hardly any major success because we are currently a wash with euro dance RnB.

Now I can understand that it’s currently popular and sells but why can’t some quality RnB get the air time it deserves? If you listen to the mainstream radio stations, I’m now including 1xtra in this – they seem to following the trend of everyone else and slowly dropping RnB for what is popular and putting everything in the RnB basket.

Semtex – Jay-z Interview

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

Jay-z is a massive influence on myself, he is just one these people that I can listen all day always got something to say! Anyway have a listen to the below interview from DJ Semtex’s 1xtra Hip Hop Show interesting listen!

Points of interest for me…

  • Talking about Radio being Stale and stations chasing Big Record’s instead of mixing things up a little! …
  • Talking about the Kanye/Jigga collab album (massivley looking forward to this even more so My Dark Twisted Fantasy)
  • Him recognising Kano as one of the U.K top talents!

Master Shortie, MistaJam & 1xtra

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Evenings for me recently have been taken over by listening to MistaJam on 1xtra a show packed with fresh music spanning various genres – show is different every night which makes it one of the best shows on radio now 1xtra decided to get rid of DJB’s show. The new RNB Mixshow is terrible think they made a mistake…the playlist this week most of the songs are in both Ronnies show and GChilds – yawn!! anywayy MistaJam is where its at for now.

Master Shortie