Jessie J – “Who you are”… My Thoughts

Jessie J - Who you areSince January last year I have been waiting for this album to drop. Well it is now in my possession and it is totally not what I expected and if I am honest I’m a little disappointed. It might be that my first sightings of her were stripped back/acoustic versions that results in this album feeling a bit too complicated and over produced in places.

Since the start of the year the whole industry has been hyping about Jessie J. How she is the truth and a shinning star for the UK. Maybe with the disposable nature of the industry in 2011 that this album got rushed through production to make the most of the hype. Bringing the release date at the peak of a wave, was always going to be a good idea for the exec’s.

I’m not doubting her song writing ability or the quality of her voice just the whole “Who you are” project just seems a little rushed and the production has yet to win me over, which for me is a massive part of an album. Obviously this is just me looking in as an outsider, at the end of the day this is the music business and it’s about making money.

For me the two lead singles stand out from the rest of the album, which all follows a similar theme. Do it like a dude is so damn random compared the rest of the album (this was written for Rihanna originally, this is obvious when it sits with the other material on the album). Other tracks that stand out as possible singles are Abracadabra, Who’s Laughing Now nothing else leaps out at me after a couple of listens.

I’d still give the album a 7/10, just something about it that doesn’t quite sit well with me….maybe it will grow on me! Price tag will easily be my Top 10 singles of the year…if the album makes it into my Top 10 is another question!

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