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The Weeknd

Monday, March 21st, 2011

I know very little about what/who The Weeknd are/is? All I know is they have dropped one of the best mixtapes of the year. I believe “They” are a Canadian RnB group/artist who have been all over the blog world today, after dropping the mixtape over the weekend.

Their sound is a little experimental, their isn’t very much structure to what they do in that a song doesn’t follow the natural verse, chorus, verse, chorus structure….It’s very So Far Gone/Drake sounding. Canada does seem to be producing some really good RnB talent!!

Below is a track from the mixtaped titled “House of Ballons”…. You can get the whole mixtape here…Enjoy!


Sunday, March 20th, 2011

Fabolous never fails to deliver…Neyo needs to go back to making decent RnB as with the rest of the music industry….When exactly did it start going wrong? Who was the first RnB artist to think it was a good idea to release Europop/Dance shit!? … Answers on a postcard?

Yasmin – Finish Line (Mike Delinquent Project Remix)

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

I am/was a massive UKG fan and hearing this for the first time last night on Mistajams 1xtra/R1 show made me extremly happy. Easily the best UKG remix I have heard in a long, long time… Fingers crossed this will kick some more artists to go down the UKG remix route and maybe see a revival of the 2-Step/UKG sound. I’m not a fan of the original of this produced by Labrinth however this makes me happy….UKG is alive and kicking!

Some RnB Albums you need in your life…

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

How this guy slipped under my radar I am not 100% sure…His name is Anthony David. His music reminds me of Eric Roberson/Dwele but on a more chilled out vibe. Copped both of his album last night (The Red Clay Chronicles and As Above So Below both avaliable on Itunes) and I am really impressed. Perfect laid back music to work to…sounds even better now the sun is making regular apperences! Thanks to Coxhead for the heads up on this!

Anthony David “4Evermore” feat. Algebra & Phonte Official Video from As Above So Below, seriously good RnB!

Also need to mention Marsha Ambrosius’s album “Late Nights and Early Mornings“. Her first solo release after the split of Floetry, this album also fits the “nice RnB” tag definatly worth an hour of your time!

Aloe Blacc

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

Aloe BlaccAccording to Wikipedia this guy has been active within the music industry since 1995, it is now 2011 – so why has it taken me so long to discover this guy!

Looks like it wasn’t until 2010 that things started to get really going Aloe. The reason I stumbled across him was that Bluey Robinson covered “I Need a Dollar” on his mixtape which was released last year…I didn’t realise this was a cover until I did some Googling last week and discovered Aloe was the man behind this record. From this I checked out his album “Good Thing”, safe to say I am highly impressed with this album well worth checking out

Professor Green

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

Can’t lie when he first came out I thought he was a bit of a prick, but his music and personality have grown on me now safe to say I am a fan. I’ve been watching his YouTube Video Diaries from his tour and general antics over the past few months, and they are actually lol funny…for me anyway! You can watch them here

I actually bought his album towards the end of last year and had it on rotation for a good few weeks. Just shows you should never judge an artist on first impression!

Latest YouTube Video…. This features his first single off the 2nd album (I think) the strings on this sound epic!

Tracks of my years

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

I’m a big Ken Bruce fan, no denying that. Radio 2 is the daily listen in the office! One of the features that stand out is “Tracks of my years”. This is where a different person each week picks two tracks daily that have special meaning to them or just stand out for them!

So these are my tracks of my years all in one post, and a short description as to why they are in here! There are so many more I could include but these are the first ten that came into my head, so we will go with these…


Ben l’Oncle Soul

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

Bit of hunting around the web and I find myself coming across this guy. Only thing I know about him so far is he is french and he reminds me of Plan B/Raphael Saddiq cross. Really soulful vibe to his music and anything sung in a different language be it French/Spanish/Latin sounds alot better than English, no idea why, it just does?


This is an advert…

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

Is Wiley the most random person in the music industry?

Jessie J – “Who you are”… My Thoughts

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Jessie J - Who you areSince January last year I have been waiting for this album to drop. Well it is now in my possession and it is totally not what I expected and if I am honest I’m a little disappointed. It might be that my first sightings of her were stripped back/acoustic versions that results in this album feeling a bit too complicated and over produced in places.

Since the start of the year the whole industry has been hyping about Jessie J. How she is the truth and a shinning star for the UK. Maybe with the disposable nature of the industry in 2011 that this album got rushed through production to make the most of the hype. Bringing the release date at the peak of a wave, was always going to be a good idea for the exec’s.

I’m not doubting her song writing ability or the quality of her voice just the whole “Who you are” project just seems a little rushed and the production has yet to win me over, which for me is a massive part of an album. Obviously this is just me looking in as an outsider, at the end of the day this is the music business and it’s about making money.

For me the two lead singles stand out from the rest of the album, which all follows a similar theme. Do it like a dude is so damn random compared the rest of the album (this was written for Rihanna originally, this is obvious when it sits with the other material on the album). Other tracks that stand out as possible singles are Abracadabra, Who’s Laughing Now nothing else leaps out at me after a couple of listens.

I’d still give the album a 7/10, just something about it that doesn’t quite sit well with me….maybe it will grow on me! Price tag will easily be my Top 10 singles of the year…if the album makes it into my Top 10 is another question!