Look for me 2011…

Last year I predicted big things for the following artist in 2010 Tinie Tempah, Willoe, Bluey Robinson, Plan B, Wiley.

Not bad Tinie absolutely tore down the charts! Plan B had massive commercial success! Wiley caused a stir on Twitter dropped his label and released the “Zip Files” for free! Bluey is currently prep-ing his Mixtape/Mashup (coming soon) hopefully see more of him in 2011! Willoe is no longer, Willoe she is releasing music under the name Maiday – new material expected in 2011…

Here are my prediction’s for 2011 – lets see what these five do in 2011 this time next year!

Tips for 2010 - Jessie J, Yasmin, Daley, Ed Sheeran, J Cole


Jessie J

I first came across Jessie J in January this year, she has slowly been working towards her first album release with the release of “Do it like a dude” towards the later part of 2010 which caused everyone sit up and take notice (just a few month later than myself ;-) ). Expect to see a lot of Jessie in 2011. Price tag has one of the catchiest choruses I have heard in a long time!


Yasmin first came to my attention as DJ, she then wrote and sang the chorus on my track of the year, Devlin’s Runaway. Earlier in the year she signed a deal and began work on her debut album which should drop in 2011 – the lead single On My Own is a straight smash and I’m expecting it and her other material to do big things in 2011.

p.s The above is out on 30th January 2011 – go cop it/pre-order it!


I first blogged about Daley last year when he featured at the electric prom. A featue on “Doncamatic” a Gorillaz track towards the end of year should of got his name around a bit and people should start to take notice. Not sure what the label has planned for his 2011 but his voice is on another level something the uk should be proud of and embrace in 2011.

Ed Sheeran

A few month I started to take real notice of this guy after seeing him go bar for bar with Devlin backstage thanks to YouTube. Mixing a variety of genres Folk, Hip Hop, Grime, pop etc Ed can’t be pigeon holed. He releases an ep in the next few days and the sun dropped an exclusive from it featuring Wiley called “You”… Look out for Ed next year he’s worked with some interesting artist!

He also vocals this smash of a record produced by Artful Mark of Artful Dodger fame – also worth looking out for his album in 2011!

J cole

J cole in my opinion has potential to be huge – signed to Jayz’s Roc Nation label. With two mixtapes (Google – Friday Night Lights/The Warm Up) under his belt, which contains material better than 90% of other “hip hop” albums out there. UK wise he is supporting Drake which should get his name about (if anyone wants to give me some tickets get at me). The album keeps getting pushed back, but hopefully will see the light of day some time in 2011!

Nb. Chipmunk is going to take the industry by storm In 2011. Hate him or love him – a hook up with chris brown and other power moves by his label will see him hitting new levels of success!

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