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Jazmine SullivanAbout a year ago I had a rant about RnB being washed it’s that time again. What brought this post on is that I am currently four tracks into Jazmine Sullivan’s album “Love Me Back” and I’m getting frustrated because I know in the U.K this album will not see hardly any major success because we are currently a wash with euro dance RnB.

Now I can understand that it’s currently popular and sells but why can’t some quality RnB get the air time it deserves? If you listen to the mainstream radio stations, I’m now including 1xtra in this – they seem to following the trend of everyone else and slowly dropping RnB for what is popular and putting everything in the RnB basket.

DJB used to hold down the RnB mix show and you got a nice selection of upfront RnB that actually felt like an RnB show. Now you get the likes of Gyptian – Hold Yuh, Wretch 32 – Traktor, Drake – Fancy …all big tracks in their own right – but RnB really?

At some point someone in the industry unleashed a euro-pop rnb track and the public lapped it because they think bass makes a good music and they love everything to sound the same. They like their comfort zone if you give them something different they don’t know what they are listening to – are the people buying records/MP3s young teenagers who know know no better?

How is our music ever going to progress from the current situation when this is all our younger generations know? Maybe they are too young to understand/appreciate “grown” RnB granted it’s subject matter is mainly relationship based. They can relate to the bubblegum lyrics they are force fed daily on TV and Radio. I’m just brain-storming, I realize we can’t all have the same musical opinions but you can’t seriously tell me that a Jazmine Sullivan album doesn’t deserve as much success as Cheryl Cole’s latest album which I’m sure somewhere will have been brushed with the “RnB” brush!

Interestingly I’ve just got to “Luv Back” on the Jazmine album it reminds me of the last Alexandra Burke single “Start Without You” which was the worst song of the year in my opinion – why can’t Burke release material like Luv Back its in a different league it hasn’t got a nobody feature rap feature – its just Jazmine’s vocals and it works. There is no doubting Alexandra Burke has a great voice but the material provided to her is so weak yet it is still packaged as RnB!

Maybe I’m just getting old and don’t understand the current situation. But I know I’m not the only one thinking this mainly music heads. People who listen to their new music via mainstream TV/Radio can never understand my beef with the current industry and the material that is forced upon us as a population. I’m sure if I wasn’t so big on music then I wouldn’t even be writing this because all I knew was what I was spoon fed?

I just wish more people would dig a little deeper for their music. It would help if the Radio/T.V. stations would stop pushing weak RnB and give strong rooted real RnB a chance to shine! It would help if more artists were stronger willed and released music that they are capable of making of instead of bowing to pressure to make what is “current” – but at they end of the day they want their £,$ and the people are buying it!

Maybe one day in the near future the trend for Europop RnB will fade and we can get back to the real deal…. Here’s to hoping anyway!!

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