Drake – Better Than Good Enough

Earlier today I caught a link for a Drake documentary on Soul Culture. It follows Drake in the lead up to the release of Thank Me Later which has grown on me alot from it’s first spin. It also features a fairly in-depth interview. This is the second or third time I have heard Drake speak and he really interests me in with what he says he seems really honest. You can see the whole thing over at Soul Culture it was a really inspiring watch.

I could of just blogged the whole thing like everyone else is likely to do. However I have picked out one quote from the whole thing which really means a lot to me and it is to do with his connection to his mum and Drake when he was younger.

The quote itself is this….

“Everything good in life I get from my mum you know, the desire to be intelligent,kind,caring. The fact that I just want to love somebody for real…and….It’s like a constant thing on my mind, because of my mum you know and the fact she’s such a great woman. I don’t think she was ever loved properly”

Here is the section of the documentary it features in… but watch the whole thing its interesting!

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