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When you mention any large town/city in the U.K and ask where can I buy music from your immediate and most obvious answer is HMV at the end of the day it’s the only large music chain we now have. But if you dig a little deeper you can find some gem’s in other places. I’m just using Cheltenham as an example as it’s where I spent my last Saturday hunting for CD’s and Vinyl now that I actually have something to spin them on.

Vinyl Vault

Vinyl Vault is tucked away in basement premises down Cambray Place just past Taylors pub. This was my first visit to a real “record” store didn’t really know what I was looking for but I had a good look through the entire Soul/Motown section. Nothing that jumped out at me but there were some classics here. There was also a good selection of CD’s to hunt through I did actually find a Tony Toni Tone album for £5 which was purchased. They also stock a wide variety of tapes and other random bits and bobs. It really is a cool little shop granted mainly accounting for a Rockier audience but I’m sure I will find many more classics here in the future!


I quite often take a trip to this place on a lunch break, located in Beechwood Arcade this place pisses all over HMV if your looking for RnB/Soul/Motown (they also stock Chart/Pop/Jazz/Rock/Classic etc). I picked up D’Angelo Brown Sugar for £3 in the past always worth a quick look around. They also stock chart Vinyl it’s a limited selection but it’s the same as anywhere you never know what you might find.

Charity Shops – British Heart Foundation

While out on the hunt for music I decided to look in as many charity shops as I could, I can’t remember the names of them all but the gem here is the “British Heart Foundation” shop in Winchcombe Street (centre of town). The rack of CD’s were in no particular order as with all Charity shops so it was a case of hunting row by row until something jumps out at you.

Now I don’t know if this day someone had just dumped there whole RnB collection off the day before but I picked up about 8 CD’s that at £1.99 a disc was completely worth the effort to dig out and the money is going to charity even better.

Next time I go they might not have anything but this is what makes this way of shopping for music so much more fulfilling than HMV. Each shop is different one shop you might leave empty handed the other you come out with a bag full.

Still to check out Badlands but this is mainly Rock I believe and the Record Shop on Shurdington Road.

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