Daniel De Bourg – Wanna Be Loved

This guy was on x-factor in 2007 he didn’t get very far however before the X-factor came the discovery of a track called “Wanna Be Loved”. It got some big support from 1xtra and then sort of faded into the background. This track got and still does gets many minutes of Ipod/Ear time…its simple I really don’t know why I love this track so much but I do – its very “love songy”?

Daniel De Bourg

I think it’s to do with the period in my life at the time of first hearing it. It got rinsed… on my holiday to Spain September 07′ it reminds me of Sun and a period in my life when alot changed….

It’s got a few plays on Myspace but its never going to blow up and I don’t expect the world to fall in love with track – it’s just one of the tracks that means alot to me (The Hook is fire).

I’m a big fan of this guy think he deserves more success than he does – top voice too good for X-factor imo – check out his myspace see/hear what you think?

The only youtube clip of this is a new version which I don’t like *sad face*

p.s. He’s the vocal behind Ironik’s – Stay with Me (obviously sped up to sound like alvin/simon/theodor) – Random Fact

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