20 Things is dislike…

I’ve been told I like to moan so here goes a list of things that piss me off or get on my nerves…absolute pointless blog but its been dry around here lately

Maybe these are just a sign I am turning into something of an old man but yer these some things I dislike…

  1. Couples who walk holding hands(slowly) or people talking in pairs that don’t make room for anyone else on the pavement that is walking in their path
  2. Drivings who regard the pavement as part of the road – I’m the pedestrian its my right of way (well by my rules anyway)
  3. There is an order to washing up set in stone (glasses,mugs,cutlery,plates,pans….anything greasy) – it makes sense no? Break this order and I will slap you…
  4. Also while on the subject of washing up…grease in pan remove 90% before submerging in water…we don’t like blocked drains
  5. Washing up Pt 3. You don’t need two table spoons of washing up liquid just a pea sized drop is usually enough. p.s. The water needs to burn your hands!
  6. Why when people ring up for a piece of work….do they require it within 5 minutes?
  7. People who are brain washed by Music channels & Radio 1 and don’t dig a little deeper for their music…
  8. Electric Hobs – Give me gas each and every time…on that note the fridge in this flat is shit
  9. Also oven grill combo’s poorly designed…Smokey grill as standard…

  10. These sort of taps – especially when over hanging a sink they just get in the way
  11. Perez Hilton, Paris Hilton, Katie Price, Jeremy Vine – obviously I don’t know them personally I’d just like to seem each of them slapped!
  12. People who tweet famous people/artists stating their negative opinions – like they care (obviously contradicting myself here see point 11).
  13. Not rating a persons opinion just because they are younger than you… or not taking in their advice because you think your wiser
  14. Bedroom web developers/designers with no concept of how to do things properly! We need something similar to a Corgi Register there is some shit out there)
  15. Claiming to be a fan of music….and owning more CD-R’s/Mp3’s from limewire than the real thing – support music 79p a track
  16. Music in clubs obviously there a good clubs out there but 80% play shit…(Chicago Rock=bad)
  17. “DJ’s” in above point’s establishments that think they are real DJ’s sorry but your using PC Software, its not even Serato/Traktor plus you play the same track list over and over.
  18. Bouncers that think their Tyson…
  19. People who think to “Freestyle” means to recycle their bars – to me its off the top of the head Talib Kweli (see previous post)
  20. CD artwork without track numbers

Post by: Richard

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