My Rant re:R&B

I was sitting watching TV earlier and the standard advert for “R&B Lovesongs 2010” came on advertising a track listing that included the following two artists N-Dubz, Cheryl Cole. What I don’t get is how is this R&B?

There are other artists like Lady GaGa, Soulja Boy on the track list who I guess they can fit into this genre in some form. But before long Justin Bieber will be branded R&B just because Usher is involved in the project (OK there is no doubt he has potential but right now?)

Justin Bieber R&B?

I’m sorry there are so many better R&B artists out there that don’t even get a look in Melanie Fiona, Dwele, Raphael Saadiq who all released tracks in the same period of time that the artists on this compilation did yet get ignored.

My problem isn’t with the artists like N-Dubz they do what they do, their popular and people would buy the compilation. But the teenagers growing up being told that this is R&B are being fooled and the guys making R&B true to its roots then struggle to get the Airplay/Promotion they deserve;

Q. What music do you like?

A. R&B?

People hear this and think your taste in music is a joke, they see the media promoting R&B as the above which isn’t the strongest musically lets be honest its watered down R&B at best.

When I talk R&B I am talking Mayer Hawthorne, Saadiq, Melanie Fiona, Alicia Keys, Dwele, Slakah, Maxwell, Eric Roberson, D’Angelo etc etc

Interestingly if you Wikipedia R&B it starts in 1940 the last section is around 1970 when it changes its name to “Contemporary R&B” which then gets to 2001 and the information is lacking so is R&B dead Wiki thinks it is?

R&B is still around the media just seem to get it twisted and the public are too easily influenced by the likes of Radio 1/Major TV Channels and the people that put these compilations telling them this is R&B – the lazy music fan that doesn’t dig a bit deeper to discover there is good music amongst the shit they are told is R&B!

If you were to take Cheryl Cole and someone like Maxwell back to the 1950’s to perform in a American Blues/R&B Club who’d get the best reception?

Rant over….

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