Eliza Doolittle

Didn’t really know much about Eliza Doolittle till the other day but did some Youtube and MySpace digging and I’m really impressed with what she has got to offer, stating her influences as Minnie Riperton, The Beach Boys amongst others.

Eliza Doolittle

Hoping that she gets to release an album I’m sure there is one penciled in but for some reason it feels like its a project that will go under the radar, when it should blow up. I suppose that doesn’t make any difference to me as long as I get hold of an album really love her sound!

Here’s the lead single Skinny Genes

More after the jump… EPK and all (if you don’t know what a EPK is you can find out)

Here’s here EPK – Electronic Press Kit so google tells me


p.s Eliza likes to add whistling to her tracks!

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