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Mario is one the most highly underrated of R&B male artists of the past 5 years most people will only know of him from “Let me Love You” from 03/04 there is much much more to this guy!

Mario D.N.A

First album(“Turning Point”) was a good break through – Second Album(“Go”) has some absolutely massive tracks on it.

His third studio album dropped a few weeks back D.N.A lead single with Gucci Mane (penned by Sean Garrent(sick song writer) seriously check his Discography then come argue with me!) this isn’t my favorite track off the album you have to wait to get to track 8 before you get to this…

This is a smash production wise I like drum/percussion arrangement is something different that you won’t hear on other R&B tracks. Alot of people I speak to brand R&B to be similar in sound and paint it with same brush but this is proof there is variation out there you just have to dig deeper!

It’s not just this track there are others I Choose You, I Miss My Friend, Stranded, Get Out, Ooh Baby that help push this to be one of the top R&B albums of the year it is such a shame that it will be slept on disastrously it deserves more recognition! I urge you if you are a fan of R&B to go get this album!

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