Hidden Gem 1

New feature for the blog basically going to throw up a random song from my music collection that I rate it can be anything pop,rock,classical,jazz,dance, and I don’t care who its by just a bit of a hidden gem…

For my first gem I am going to go with something from Blazin’ Squad circa 2004 when their chart hits were watered down pop affairs – behind the scenes if you dug a litter deeper you would find they had some unreleased tracks which did them justice(they just never saw the light of day).

You would only of probably heard this version if you used to listen to Luck & Neat on Kiss late on a tuesday(?) night “club styles”. There was another version with Kofi-b and MC supplier but this BS version is alright … no?

Blazin Squad – Raise It Up


On a side note with the urban scene as is it now i.e. the chart is now accepting u.k urban/pop acts I think these guys would of been more widely accepted than they were originally when indie and pop was selling big – its funny how the music biz changes!Appreciate any comments on this which is better etc… Sidenote this contains on about 5 members…

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