Kanye West – Freshman/Freshmen

We all know that Kanye is now a massive international artist who pushes boundaries when it comes to creating something a little different. But in my opinion you won’t get better than Kanye cira 2004 College Dropout (favourite album by a country mile).

Kanye West - Freshman Adjustment

The other thing alot of people won’t know about are the two mixtapes/albums of tracks that didn’t make the first couple of albums. These two albums would make my top 100 albums if I was to compile a list that is.

The two albums if you are interested are Freshmen Adjustment & Freshman Adjustment Vol 2 which you can pick up on ebay and some record stores.

What I am getting is that Kanye now, is not what I grew to love when he first came out and saw him @ The Carling academy in Birmingham where the crowd was small and the ego didn’t ruin his performance and Talib Kweli supported!

Don’t get me wrong I still rate him just not as much as I did…

1 example…

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