Chipmunk Grime?

Following on from my UKG post a few days back I’m going to tackle the dodgy subject of grime what is grime?


Now I’m not saying I’m by any means I am an expert on the subject but it is something that interests me… You could say that grime started off the back of the garage scene with artists such as Dizzee, Wiley (Pay as you go).

Where are these artists now…selling out?

I think not… I don’t get the whole selling out thing if you are making music and love making music and are offered a deal and have to start making more “commercial” music which at the end of the day is the money making music (how long can you go on making money from mixtapes) are you going to refuse?

It’s only like any job/profession you have to start somewhere and if you want to get to the top you have put in the hard work and maybe do things you wouldn’t normally do to make it. It’s just that these guys are doing their career progression in the public eye that makes it tougher!

The reason Chipmunk is titled in the post is he seems to get alot of flack for the standard Chipmunk has sold out(chart friendly Oopsy Daisy, Diamond Rings, Chip Diddy Chip) you could also argue Tinchy or anyone else for that matter that has charted that had previously done “grime” get shit for charting – you chart are you are no longer accepted on the street as a “grime artist”.

If any of these artists were to now jump onto a “grime” beat or track they would most probably still do it justice but not be taken seriously because they are now chart friendly and the true/real grime fans will turn on you automatically!

Whenever you hear Chipmunk in interviews he makes a lot of sense and is quite interesting to listen to hes not stupid. He basically says if you don’t like what hes doing just don’t listen to it no one is making you!

“If you only like me on Grime, your a fan of grime your not a fan of me. If you only like me on Hip Hop, your a fan of hip hop, your not a fan of me – to be able to go on any track and still spit hot rhymes that’s what I feel people need to appreciate”

Basically about 3 minutes into the below interview he sums up everything I’ve tried to get across in this write up!


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