Blog Recommendations – SoulNRnB Presents The Soul Mixtape

SoulRnB's Soulful House One mix

Second of these recommendations features “SoulNRnB Presents The Soul Mixtape”, a blog which I bumped into on my internet travels. On this site you will find various mixes of different forms of Soul music from rare grooves to soulful house etc. I have checked out a couple of mixes and you know that your always going to get REAL soul/rnb if you download them.

The last one I downloaded was “SoulRnB’s Soulful House One mix”…. now I would be quite happy hearing more of this sound in clubs/bars instead of this commercial sh*t that DJ’s think we want to hear .. 1-2-3-4, uno dos tres quarto etc – that’s all…

Anyway you can download this mix here….

Or just have nosey around to see if something takes your fancy here…

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  1. SoulNRnB says:

    Thanks for the recommendation!! Much appreciated and glad u like!


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