Its all about the mixtape…


Mix tapes nine times out of ten are usually alot better than an artists album. I’ve not been able to put my finger on as to why but yer they are a much better listen.

Two that I have discovered lately are Bashy’s – and Chipmunk’s - League of My Own. One randomly(Chipmunk random purchase) and the other I wanted for ages and just never got round to getting it(!

You never know what your going to get usually some original beats, some over known beats here’s a track from each!

I f*cking love Ugly Slums like silly amounts… loved the old Better off Alone track when it came out in 1999 amazing..and for bish bash bosh to spit over it made me a happy man! No rules to a mixtape which results in tracks like that!

Bashy – Ugly Slums

[audio: - Ugly Slums.mp3]

Chipmunk – Fire Alie


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