Lemar Four Albums Deep


Lemar’s career is now four albums deep and with a fifth/greatest hits on the way I thought I’d write a little post on what has happened so far and where I see things going in the future.

Album One…Dedicated released straight after his success in Fame Academy was very pop/rnb influenced (50/50, Dance With U, Body Talk etc) this was the play it safe card so as to getting a footing with an audience which needs winning over if you have come from a Talent contest. Every single first album from likes of Leona, Will Young, Gareth Gates etc is always going to be a watered down chart friendly affair but hey it worked #16 and 3 top 10 single!

Album Two…Time To Grow Moving more away from the safer pop side and pushing more towards an RnB/Soul album. This album gave his highest charting single and probably his most recognised single with “If There’s Any Justice”. Now for me this album was moving in the right direction for where I see him fitting within the industry very much a strong rnb/pop album.

The Truth About Love

Album Three… The Truth About Love after the two previous ‘safe’ releases this album had a strong soul vibe to it and was defiantly the type of album I expected from first seeing him perform on Fame Academy. This album did not leave my CD player for over two months every song had something special about it and in my opinion is a classic album from a UK artist. Seeing him live Jazz Café September 2006 confirmed how highly I rate both the album and Lemar as an artist/performer!

When we get to his latest album #4 The Reason this is where I get completely confused with the direction of where Lemar is going its like he’s taken a step back and gone for the safe “pop/rnb” album that he started with, don’t get me wrong there are some quality tracks on the album and the song writing is much improved, it just isn’t what I think he is best suited to I’m no A&R expert but its just a feeling I get.

This opinion is backed up by its chart position #41 his only album not to make the top 20 but then again the first single from the album If She Knew didn’t have the massive impact that “If There’s Any Justice” or “It’s Not That Easy” had. The only thing I can think of is lack of promotion there is no other reason as to why this album did not do as well as any of the previous three.

Don’t get me wrong I do rate him highly as an artist & singer even more so when you see him live one of the best voices in the U.K and his first three albums have all sold in excess of 500,000 copies a piece so he must be doing something right. I just don’t get the last album and where he is heading as an artist even more so with the latest leak of U Got Me though I think it was perhaps a cast off from the last album – I want more Truth About Love’s!

With a greatest hits penned in for release towards the end of the year I guess we will just have to wait and see what is brought to the table with album number 5 who knows it could be another classic!

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