Drinking Britains Got Talent

If you are going out on Saturday then here’s a simple yet effective Drinking Game to play with your friends. Something me and my friends came up with last series! Drinking Britain’s Got Talent!

Get yourself some of your preferred alcohol get ITV on and watch here’s how it goes down!

  • Everyone gets a judge (out of hat, elected or just choose) – when ever this person speaks drink for that period until they stop (no slaking and make sure Cowell doesn’t get into a conversation)!
  • If you hear a buzzer drink a finger, if you hear two drink two fingers and so on…
  • If Simon says “you’ve got three yes’s” then drink 3 fingers
  • If Amanda Holden crys then drink some of your beverage

Invent additional rules as required but that should get you started.

p.s please drink responsibly

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