Master Shortie, MistaJam & 1xtra

Evenings for me recently have been taken over by listening to MistaJam on 1xtra a show packed with fresh music spanning various genres – show is different every night which makes it one of the best shows on radio now 1xtra decided to get rid of DJB’s show. The new RNB Mixshow is terrible think they made a mistake…the playlist this week most of the songs are in both Ronnies show and GChilds – yawn!! anywayy MistaJam is where its at for now.

Master Shortie

Anyway listening last week and a regular feature of his show is the “Jam Sessions” where by an artists goes to Maida Vale and performs a few live tracks. Now I hadn’t heard of Master Shortie up until this point but I really do like his style of music I can’t slot it into any genre…

” Part electro, part grime and part indie rock, check the tunes he calls ‘wonky pop’ ”

…all I know is that I like ALOT…

Here’s the video of the Jam Sessions… Album due in the summer I think?

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