New Blazin Squad

I’m not going to lie back in 03/04 when these guys came out I was into their music in a huge way – I really don’t know what it was about it but I just couldn’t put it down… shameful? Probably looking back anyway a cut down version of Blazin Squad (4/5 members) are back for 2009.

That’s right a new tune “Let’s start again” is due for release 1st June I think and I quite like it… maybe its a sign that they mean business by getting Bashy and Chipmunk on the remix (video below).

I’m liking the new mature sound though I’m pretty sure when they first came out they were moulded into what they were by management and it wasn’t a true representation of what they waned to be – just the impression I get!

Their original styling and line-up was always going to go against them with the majority not being able to take them seriously due to this – the knock on effect is that people are still going to remember that aspect of them and ultimately this will probably work against them mainstream wise. Anyway we will see I like it anyway…

One of my guilty pleasures…

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