F1 2009 – Lewis Hamilton

I’ve watched the first two races and I must say that its getting back how it used to be good racing, overtaking etc and a plus is it’s return to BBC no ad breaks which really used to get on my tits I’m beginning to get back into the sport again!

Formula 1 Grid

As I say the first two races have been really good viewing imo although they have been at rubbish times (6am on a sunday) can’t wait to start watching races live which should make it even more exciting.

One thing the FIA need to stop doing is rearranging the field when the race has finished its ridiculous I know there are rules but it seems a bit ott – perhaps now that Dennis has stepped down it might help the situation as they all seem to target McClaren.


While on the subject I’ve got to mention Lewis Hamilton this guy is an inspiration to me, so down to earth yet super talented and doesn’t seem to go to his head – seems like a really down to earth guy he really makes you want to achieve! Hopefully now he has the super “diffuser” this weekend he can start picking up some points again!


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