Blackberry App World & Shazam on Blackberry

I’ve had my blackberry since January now and I love it… The one app that I have been waiting for since getting it is a, Shazam app which finally came out today. Also released this week was Blackberry App World. Two great apps in a week – brilliant!

Let’s start with Shazam this is a music recognition application where by you hold your phone up to the music player and it will tell you what the track is. You can also ring a number and get a text response however with this app the convenience of it being there right away is superb! I’ve tested it on a couple of tracks that aren’t exactly well known and it passed with flying colours. You can then share these tags with friends and it also saves them to a list for your own reference!

At the moment its free for a trial period of 60 days I believe after this you can either pay £5 one off for unlimited tagging or use the app for free but you are limited to 5 tags in a month! I will defiantly be getting myself a copy

More details can be found here…Shazam for Blackberry

Images of Shazam in action…

Shazam Listening

Shazam tag

Next up is another great app for downloading applications… Blackberry App World. This takes the hassle out of hunting for applications as it gathers them all up in one place.

Some of its features include;

  • Applications broken down into Categories
  • Search able by name
  • Popular Downloads
  • User ratings (you can also give your own review and rating)
  • Send recommendation to friends via text, email, bb messenger

Here’s some shots of what you can expect from the apps.

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