I love running!

Yes its true I am addicted to running… I know I probably look stupid pounding the streets but I can feel progress and I don’t care its a good feeling when you push yourself that bit further brilliant. The main reason for this post is… running machines – why?

I’m no fitness expert or anything but I really do not see the point in them – what would posess you to get onto one these things and run around like a hamster (unless its part of your gym routine I’ll let you off)! Get outside in the fresh air and see some scenery instead of staring at the T.V or even worse a wall (which lets be honest is what you see all day at work unless your privileged enough to have a decent view) how boring must it be to travel at the same speed, no speed variation, no hills, no wind, no weather (running in the rain is nice) – BORING! Get out onto the roads its much more fun! Plus part of me thinks that its harder road running than on the soft landing of a treadmill!

Treadmills are shit

One bit of advice yet again not being an expert if you are going to go running get yourself some decent trainers I treated myself at the weekend. After using a £20 pair of Nike’s for about a year and getting all kinds of discomfort. I brought myself some Brooks Radius 7’s best investment ever already added an extra mile onto my distance – brilliant!

Brooks Radius 7's

I purchased these from a shop called “Up and Running” in Cheltenham there are loads around the country – brilliant service the guy is there was really helpful. The weird thing about this shop is they film your running technique and run it back slow-mo to see for any funny movements in your leg while running (Pronation/Supination I think?) then fit you out with a suitable trainer depending on your own needs. But it obviously works as I’m not feeling half the stresses and strains (maybe I should use a treadmill more…)

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