Web sites are funny things

Before christmas at work we produced about five holding pages for a client these were identical sites just templated up for each of the stores/new logo etc they all had a simple form on them however…


The form was laid out as of the image to the right. A text box with a small button underneath stating “register email”. Now you would think it was obvious to enter an email address here but it seems not here are some of the entries we received from this form.

  • fish
  • jobs
  • Crewe
  • Stoke
  • Sledges – funnily enough around the time of the snow!
  • Circus
  • flea repelent
  • drinks bottles
  • african land snails – wtf

This just proves how when working for the web you have to really make things so so obvious to a user or they end up using things in the incorrect manner. Now you could validate the email addresses but you think its only a simple form how can it perceived otherwise – but obvioulsy that isn’t the case.

Maybe a user sees a textbox and automatically thinks arhhh a search – hence the results above. Intresting? … or not?

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