Retro TV – London’s Burning

When your younger you want to do what your dad does fact! This is also true in my case my old man was a retained fireman/firefighter from 1985 to 2005 for that reason London’s Burning was massive in my life as long as I can remember – it fascinated me for years as did anything Fire Brigade related.

This first piloted as a movie back in 1986 when I was just 1… However when I first got the DVD’s 2006 I could remember some of the lines from that pilot – we must have had it on VHS I remember watching episodes over and over when I was about 8 approx don’t remember exactly. One of my earliest memories is coming down on a Sunday ill and my mum ironing watching London’s Burning so it was with from day dot!

The getting up early on Monday mornings before school when I was about 10 to watch the recording from the night before – crazy. I really did adore this programme with a passion! It started going off the ball around series 9 when it was about relationships than the incidents. The series around 2002/2003 were truly awful – Steel River Blues was f*cking awful on a massive scale.

Its all about the 80’s and mid 90’s episodes Sicknote and Vaseline (Is it the ugly one or the very ugly one?) – sure I used that line when my aunt called the house when I was about 12. I would love this to come back but I can’t see it happening and in any case it would not even come close to the original – Blackwall I salute you!

The Theme tune is all about the saxophone? – Memories!.

This is the best old clip I could find on YouTube – check the yellow leggings and classic Dennis pumps!

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