Retro Mac & Linotype Scanner

This thing is ridiculous we had a bit of fun setting this up at work today and thought it was too precious a moment to not capture. A retro Mac running OS 7 (System 7) and the linotype scanner in action.

Now I’m not Mac fanatic in fact I hate the things unless you are making music/editing video in which case I can accept that you do indeed need to use a Mac – but for general task why fork out £1000+ for a system when a P.C will do the job – anyway that debate will go on forever.

Back on to subject this scanner has been sat in the corner of our office in a while not doing a lot but today it came alive. Dating back to prehistoric times … I’m kidding this is some mid 90’s graphical history! It’s amazing how far technology has progressed in ten years (you can now get a car similar in size to this scanner). Also I’m not sure this thing would of hooked up to a PC in its day…

Here’s some pictures.

The Scanner

System 7

System 7

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