Mootools form validation with mootools.floor

Latest javascript mission was to get some nice validation for a holiding page I was creating I wanted something quite simple but ended up coming across a class called mootools.floor which cover all your validation needs e.g. email check, compare two field etc there are a long list of possibilites in the documentation

It includes support for AJAX form submission plus countless other features. The other plus point is the tooltips can be styled completely using CSS so this will fit into any site with a bit of tinkering. It also supports custom validation just write your own javascript function of what you want to validate. It really is a nice tool. It’s fairly easy to get up and running but once you get past the simple parts of this class it can be fairly tricky to get your head around – but once you get your head around it, its really nice to use!

See the demos of this in action


maths.floor example

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