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Time for me to give some blog space to “Spotify“, this new music application that’s been around for a few months now, since October last year by the looks of it. I received my invite in January. I think its the next best thing online music wise…

Now I did not take this seriously when I first downloaded it I made the mistake of looking for up front music and it let me down. So I closed it down thinking that’s a bit rubbish. Few weeks later I thought I’ll give it a second chance this time it did not disappoint at all.

Put simply its a streaming version of I-tunes so no downloads just bandwidth usage to worry about. It’s all free except the occasional advert will be interesting to see how much more regular they become as the service grows – you can of course pay £9.99 for the premium version but their frequency at the moment really doesn’t bother me one bit. I used to pay 9.99 for Napster and use it in a similar fashion just stream tracks but with Spotify I get all this for free! Amazing!

The music available seems fairly in depth from what I can see if the albums been out a few months then its likely to have it – I’ve found most things I’ve been after. Some tracks are disabled and I’m not sure how long the full streaming will continue if this takes off like I think it will. Labels currently signed up include Universal, EMI, Sony BMG etc etc.

The other cool feature is the radio which you can customize to your tastes – see below pick genre’s you fancy and then from which decades and it will play you a selection of suitable tunes.


You can also create play lists and share them with other, it hooks up with no additional plug ins to It seems to be a really nice little tool allowing you to preview albums before you buy its like having a huge music library at your finger tips.

I thought it was invite only but I don’t think it is now… You can download it here and sign up for your account here.

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