Captain Dangerous

Last night I strayed off my normal Saturday night out path this took me to the cinema bar in Stratford On Avon. A small bar no bigger that a large front room located at the Picture House Stratford Upon Avon. A band were playing by the name of “Captain Dangerous

Now their style of music (indie/pop) is not normally my type of thing but I really enjoyed their performance alot even enough to purchase a copy of their album “The House that Jack Hayter Built” which is a good listen too. I guess I will listen to anything and with it being live made the whole experience more enjoyable.

The band hale from Nottingham and consist of 4 guys … the one guy was like a one man band which I always appreciate someone who can play an instrument let alone +5 types.

This goes to show that at the end of the day good music is good music… Like any form of art, music is highly opinionated – everyone will be different. The one thing I hate in life is when someone slates your musical opinion just because they don’t like what you listen to.. this really frustrates me. I respect everyone’s musical opinion whatever it is they listen to I only wish more people were the same.

Here’s some of their tunes

She Still Loves You

I Miss You Cos It’s Monday

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