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Most people in life have something they hold close to their hearts like a possession of some description. Everyone will be different with what this could be women would probably go for a bag or a pair of shoes etc but what is mine…

The possession that I would least likely to be without for a day/week would be my trusty Ipod. Sods law now states that it will give up the ghost very soon!

Anyhow this thing has done me proud for nearly two years now – no issues at all I feel it deserves some praise.

The iPod in question is the Nano 4GB think 4th generation and its been amazing I dread to think how many hours of listening I have gotten out of it. It has been on two holidays and various other locations around the U.K. I find that taking an iPod on a holiday just allows you to switch off in a way you don’t normally get – iPod + holiday makes for great decision making in my opinion! It has also kept me company on my travels to and from work for 2 years 15 minutes x2 equals alot of listening time (routine now involves getting “wired” for the walk to/from work). I really do wish I had stats to show minutes listened to, I predict it would be alot!!! Basically anywhere I go the iPod goes with me. I just could not live without it!!

This lead me on to the next thought – When this one does eventually pass it will be a sad day yes but what do I replace it with…. New style Nano probably 8GB or do I go the whole hog and get the classic 120GB and just use it to hold my whole library think I’m going to go with the later.

Until that day comes I salute Apple for creating this reliable companion!!

Richards iPod

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