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Ecommerce is something I haven’t really covered in any huge depth before but along came the opportunity at work to get stuck into making a shop online. At my old company we were about to start a site using JShop but the time came to move on. So a few weeks into my new job along came a project – an ecommerce site in JShop.

From my initial introduction into the backend of the system it seemed a little daunting but once you get used to where everything is, it all becomes a lot simpler – it also helps if you get yourself a copy of manual to flick through great little reference throughout the project, also if you have someone who has used the system before (cheers Pete) will help.

Most things you could possibly want to customize are included such as custom fields, extra fields for products/sections etc also you can turn desired functionality on and off with a flick of a switch in the backend – shipping type, tax etc. This makes for minimal need for hacks to both the core code and database which makes the implementation of JShop simple and easy.

Saying that if you do require to add code this is straightforward as long as you know your stuff (php/javascript), the code is clearly laid out so when I did need to make a simple tweak there wasn’t too much pain involved. Although I would advise not hacking too much as one it isn’t supported by Jshop – two it could hinder any future updates – which are free once you have purchased the license. I guess with custom code its knowing when you have added too much… always comment what’s been added you can always remove for an update and add back in.

Once you have mastered the backend functionality the only thing left is the templating system which is one of the best things I have worked with easy enough for a non developer to understand. Making loops/if else simple and adding anything returned from the database as easy as {customer.name} which allows you to create any look and feel you could possibly want. This is fairly laborious task but taking each page one at a time and adding your own styles the site soon comes together it would take a considerable amount of time to knock up each template from scratch.

I’m yet to decide if to start fresh css as wise as it doesn’t make the best use of it, a lot of time was spent adjusting font sizes, colours, sizes but for speed adjusting the two css files works just fine – the css is never going to be 100% but it works just fine…

If you do purchase and need any support the forums are fairly handy but the email support is even better I emailed with a fairly complex problem and the guys on there support team knocked up a template in order for me to allow me to achieve what I needed to… worth every penny!!

To sum up I would highly recommend this for any kind of shop you could want, a lot of thought has gone into what a shop might what to do and this is all made available – out of the box. This then allows you to spend your time adjusting templates to your own look and feel. The checkout process is smooth and clear it gives the customer complete control over there orders… Within the system I don’t think there is anything else you could possibly want to add unless you had really specialist processes involved in your order process if you want a shop online this gives you exactly that I don’t think you could want more – unless you are picky with minor details. The likes of play/amazon aren’t going to offer much more functionality wise (related products/reviews etc) to that what Jshop is going to offer, even if the processes might be slightly different.

To create something similar would take at least 5+ months development time perhaps…. With JShop out of the box to live site 15/20 days dev time the next one would be quicker.

You do the maths….

Check JShop out

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3 Responses to “JShop Review”

  1. Pete Jones says:

    Good words Rich. Jshop is a great tool for developing shops and with a little ingenuity you can really create something very different looking with relative ease. The real strength is the templating system which, as you say, is very simple.

  2. Jon Fryer says:

    This is a great looking site. The Client is over the moon, and now wants to expand the site with a Christmas go live deadline!

    Like you say… with only 15 days development, you have given someone a full e-commerce solution. Now that the hard work has been done, it will be interesting to see how long ‘phase 2′ will take….. i’ll give you 3 days ;)

  3. Thanks for the review – I’m looking at buying Jshop for one of my clients and the above information is very useful. I’m swaying towards using Jshop, going to do a little more research.

    The template system could well be the selling point here, sounds like one hell of a system.

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