Sway – The Signature LP

After enjoying Sway’s 1st effort (This is my Demo) and a lot of his other tracks this new album was pre-ordered when I heard of its release. To begin with it took me a while to get into the album but turns out it’s a grower…

I don’t think it’s as good as the first but still enjoyable all the same again a lot of collaborations (Lemar, Leo, Coco, Darren B, Akon) really loving “Look After My Girl” with Darren B expecting big things from him whenever his album drops nice and soulful feel to this track its good to see Lemar and Sway collaborating.

The only let down for me is I’m not too sure about his signing to Konvick. I guess it’s a good thing for the U.K to get more representation across the pond but just feels like this collaboration (Silver & Gold ft Akon) sees Sway moving away from his roots on the U.K scene to the standard American commercial flow you’d expect from some of their biggest exports – can still see this being a big club track though.

Overall however there isn’t a bad track on this album, I find “Say it twice” very clever lyrically. Jason waste is also very funny if you know me then you will understand why I can relate to this track!

Stand out tracks

  • Special Place
  • Say it twice
  • Jason Waste

Overall: 7/10

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